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Khushiyaan people in search of happiness:( Non-Govt. Orgnization)

Khushiyaan is a non-governmental organization, (founded by Mr. RISHABH MISHRA) that has been working since 2014 to provide education to children in the slum of Rishikesh (Uttarakhand).

Our Organization Khushiyaan has been expanding continuously in terms of social development service. It has worked for the promotion of sustainable, equitable and participatory development, social welfare and social justice through.

KHUSHIYAAN’s vision to identify and work with the impoverished, weaker and vulnerable sections of the society to find solutions to the challenges threatening their lives in the field of health, education and environment with the ultimate aim of establishing an aware, responsible and developed society based upon equality, fraternity and social justice. Ensuring sustainable and holistic development with emphasis on human rights..

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